Warehouse Management

Being an important constituent of our end-to-end logistics-service chain, our logistics management service solutions offer you the most reliable and responsible warehousing services firmly based on the advanced amenities and technological resources. The foundation of our warehouse management services forte is extremely strong with the right degree of vast warehousing-areas at distinct locations, precise space wise assortment of wide-ranging goods, suitable management of accumulating and stockpiling, high racking, provisions for cold and cool room facilities and a client-explicit resource-supply ensuring the speedy transmit of the goods in accordance with a duly sustained inventory form managed rightly through efficacious logistics and WMS and methods for service quality excellence through GWP.

Good inventory management practice plays a crucial role in saving on the cost for a company. There are five critical tools to avoid spoilage, Dead Stock and Save storage costs.

1. First-In First-Out (FIFO)



4. Regular Auditing

  • Physical Inventory
  • Spot Checking
  • Cycle Counting

5. Prioritize With ABC/FSN

A) high-value products with a low frequency of sales
B) moderate value products with a moderate frequency of sales
C) low-value products with a high frequency of sales