Life at LCLPL

The work culture and environment at LCLPL across 63 branches in India is one that fosters career and professional growth, transparency and immense opportunity to grow as an excellent logistic professional and individual all at once. With a workforce of more than 600 employees satisfied and happy to be a part of the organization that nurtures a vibrant and positive work environment, we have made it a point to look beyond titles and create an inspiriting workplace with cabin-less workstations, no hierarchies that make our employees want to get back to the workplace even during their offs.

If you are an energetic, self-motivated professional with ideas that do not let you sleep, LCLPL is the right place where you must be. Our encouraging and stimulating work environment makes it easy for everyone to stay committed and focused to deliver their tasks in timely manner all the while enjoying every bit of the work they are assigned with.

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