Quality Policy

LCLPL is committed to provide service deliverances that meet and often exceed all the customer expectations and requirements to ensure highest possible value for the client investments and unflinching customer satisfaction through every project completed and service delivered.

We seek constantly to accomplish the same by

  • Thoroughly realizing each and every customer requirements.
  • Constantly enhancing efficiency and improving the quality of our operations and services.
  • Abiding diligently with all the necessary regulatory and legal requirements in place.
  • Acquiring, training and developing the required human resource through extensive training and facilitation programs from time to time.

Required care is taken to ensure that these policies shall be communicated to all the personnel of the organization to enable uncompromising adherence to these policies. These policies will form the supporting pillars of establishing and reviewing IMS goals. The same will be reviewed and amended from time to time to ensure its continued suitability and relevance in the organization and the industry at large.

Health & Safety Policy

It is in our great responsibility to ensure the safety and protect the health of every person involved in our operation. We take every necessary step to make certain that the operational environments constantly assure safety. We adopt all the necessary codes and safety practices wherever required and possible to ensure safety and protection for all personnel.

In our attempts to honor our commitments, LCLPL will take all the necessary steps to have in place such systems in all the operations that stay in agreement with the requirements of various health and safety standards and practices.

In doing so, we also strive to;

  • Assure and warrant that all our operations adhere to all the existing safety and health laws, accords and regulations.
  • Diagnose any potential hazards, assess the risk involved with any operation or activity and implement all the necessary safety measures and controls to ensure complete safety and protection of all the personnel carrying out and involved in the project.
  • Assert various safety objectives and targets so as to imbibe the value of safety and to improve health and safety performance, all the while monitoring and reporting its performance accurately.
  • Conduct necessary health and safety awareness and training programs for all the LCLPL personnel in India and strongly endorse the value of health and safety across the organization.
  • Make sure that all the LCLPL partners, contractors and various service providers are well-aware of and understand our health and safety policies enforced from time to time. Also, we strive to work with each of them, when necessary, to lift up their standards to be in agreement with our necessities.
  • Imbibe a service culture where any mishaps, incidents and near-misses are duly accounted to, reported and investigated upon thoroughly and the lessons learned are communicated to everyone in the organization in all levels.
  • Place high priority on contingency planning and crisis preparedness and routine testing of systems in place to ensure that any mishaps are responded to without any delay and latency.
  • Supervise the performance, carry out routine reviews to ensure the policies in place are adequate, effective to minimize the safety and health hazards and able to guarantee constant achievement of the safety and health objectives of the organization.
  • Associate and work along with governmental and other regulatory bodies in setting up or improving various laws, regulations, guidelines, procedures and accords aiming at improving safety and health standards in the industry.
  • Act as a consultant and respond to the safety and health performance concerns of the associates and other stakeholders of the organization as and when they arise.
  • Incorporate HSE into the core business planning and grant sufficient resources for the effective implementation of the same.

It is mandated by the organization that every personnel, associated contractors, support service providers of Life Care Logistic Pvt. Ltd. is expected to abide by these principles at all times.

Environment Policy

Our unrelenting efforts to preserve our environment, ensure the health and safety of the customers, the personnel and the community to which we belong are some of the central fractions of the operations of Life Care Logistic Pvt. Ltd. and its mission to become the best logistical services and warehousing services provider in India.

Having our presence all over the country, we are genuinely committed to keep our operational and working conditions extremely safe and healthy for effective performance by our workforce all the while reducing the impact and carbon footprint that we leave to the lowest possible value. We consider it our responsibility to seek to improve our existing practices and regulations in the light of the advent of better technology and better understanding of environmental science and studies conducted in the fields of safety and health sciences.

It is in our continued efforts to abide by all the applicable environmental, safety and health regulations with the highest compliancy level nationwide. We consider the health and safety of our customers, workforce and the community we live in to be paramount, and it takes precedence in everything we do.