Privacy Policy: – Life Care Logistic Pvt. Ltd. (LCLPL)

As a responsible corporate entity, Life Care Logistic Pvt. Ltd. is particularly aware of the importance of information privacy and fair usage of the information available to us as part of our daily website activities. As a part of our continuous initiatives to protect your right to control your information and how it is used, we have devised a privacy policy statement that governs all the information collected on our website —

The privacy policy will educate you about the following;

  • What pieces of information is collected about you from the website, how the same is gathered and used.
  • The techniques, means and the tools that are used in gathering the information about you.
  • About all the security measures placed to guarantee the confidentiality of the personal information collected by our website.

“Personally Identifiable Information”
Any information that is able to directly describe any specific individual and realistic characteristics of a natural individual is referred to by “Personally Identifiable Information”. This is the information that establishes a straight connection to a person’s identity.

LCLPL gathers PII by means of the two following pages on the website;

When a user fills out a contact form given on the aforementioned page, as part of an attempt to get required information from us, the PII typically encompasses the name, the phone number, the e-mail address and the subject of the details requested by the user, the area and type of the service being discussed, current employing organization and the snippet detail of the information that is being sought.

If the user is filling an online application out for any job vacancy in offer, the information collected would include the name of the applicant, his/her e-mail address, his/her phone number, his/her relevant work experience, his/her preferred department to be employed and all the information provided in the resume attached.

Collection of Information, Its Use and Sharing

The ownership of all and any PII data collected on our website is limited to us and us only. The information shall under no circumstances be distributed, shared or publicized to any third party unless otherwise required or mandated by a concerned legal authority in India or without the user’s explicit approval. At the same time, we will use all such information collected to reach back and communicate to you for providing required information for which you have contacted us in the first place. If there arise any chances where the information has to be used in any form not explicitly allowed by the law, we shall not do so unless your consent in advance is acquired by us.


The objective of using cookies on our website is to enhance the customer experience during customers’ visits to our website. Cookies are packets of small files that are saved onto the hard drive of a system used to browse our website, which is tasked with the duty to track, bank and communicate the information gathered as to how, when, and how often a customer interacts with the website and the nature of the interactions. This information is then used by the website with the help of its server to provide specific and user-centric website experience to the user to make it more customer-friendly and functional. If any user so wishes to not allow the cookies to save such information, they are advised to take all the necessary steps on the privacy sector of their web browser to restrict the website from loading cookie files. If you need more information on the same, it is available in the web browser’s help section in detail.

Also our website uses several tracking codes and programs to monitor the users of the website and how they interact with the site. These codes are provided by Google Analytics that takes advantage of cookies to track and gather the needed information. It downloads a small cookie file into the system’s hard drive and the cookie monitors your interactions and usage of the website but shall, however, not collect, save or transmit any personal information from the computer.

LCLPL takes advantage of the below given cookies to accumulate required data for statistical uses;

Session ID Cookies:

These are used to trigger some features of the website to enable it better discern how users interact with the website and to observe collective usage by various LCLPL visitors and the internet traffic steering on our website.

Persistent Cookies:

These are the types of cookies stored on the hard drive of the system for a longer period like a year or so than other type of cookies and are not deleted even after the browsing session is over and the browser is closed. These types of cookies are taken advantage of to gather a comprehensive understanding of the individual from more than one browsing session. For instance, these types of cookies are used to store the preferences of users so that on the next visit, they can be provided with more personal user-experience based on the previous browsing information.

Web Beacons

We may utilize several electronic images called as Web Beacons along with cookies to aggregate statistical data to assess the performance of our website and estimate a visitor’s interactions with our website.

Retention, Integrity and Security of the Data Collected

We consider it an important responsibility to ensure the safety, integrity and retention of all the information that we collect through our website about you. We have in place state-of-the-art technological systems, techniques and measures to ensure the safety of the data collected and fair usage of them. Our technological infrastructure carefully blended with several security checks protects your information from being accessed by guest and unauthorized accesses, distribution and modification, at any cost. We also run periodic technological audits to ensure that all the systems in place are functionally appropriately and adequate in ensuring the safety of the data. We also adopt various newly introduced technologies to further enhance the data protection and security efforts, whenever possible.

It is also expected that despite our continued efforts to ensure maximum security for your data at all possible junctures, no security system is false-proof. The PII collected is typically retained for such times as to fulfill various objectives mentioned throughout the privacy policy given here unless a longer retain period is required by us or permissible by the law.

Periodic Updates and Changes to Privacy Policy

As a responsible business, we constantly review our privacy policy and update the same as and when required. If there are any changes in the policy we have in place, we will take enough care to notify you of the same by a notice which is prominently visible on our website. Any revision or modification to the existing privacy policy that necessitates a revelation of PII that any approved client has appealed us against the same shall only be disclosed after obtaining a prior written consent of such approved client.

Contact Information

In case you have any reservations about the privacy policy being displayed on the website, the practices adopted by the website or if you think that the information collected by the website has been subjected to inappropriate usage amounting to the violation of the terms as explained and mandated on these privacy policy statements or if you need any clarification on any part of this privacy, you are welcome to contact us.