Life Care Logistic Pvt. Ltd.

“Diverse Companies, Diverse Dream, One Vision & One Name” A sevice-providing Logistic company helping customers by offering them with the top-notch services on an affordable basis.

Company Profile

Certified under ISO 9001:2015, Life Care Logistic Pvt. Ltd. was incepted in 1998 to contest the existing trends and pave the path to usher in new service values and the much needed customer-centric approach in the logistics industry of India.

The idea of a new logistics company that understood the importance of customer satisfaction and better ways of servicing customers had its humble beginning in 1998 under the watchful guidance and support of the Founder & Managing Director, Mr. Vaibhav Rai. The logistical company founded not only focused constantly on delivering impeccable services to clients but also strived hard at the same time on setting new industry standards, offering economical logistical supports and efficient warehouse management solutions under the same umbrella with a team of 1800+ trained and experienced professionals.

Life Care Logistic Pvt. Ltd ever since has grown up to become one of the most preferred and recognized names in the industry delivering a wide range of unique service offerings from logistical solutions to regional distribution centers to warehouse-management to other infrastructural solutions as required by the clients across the country.

We have now established ourselves strongly in 11 different states in India with the ever-expanding list of several national and multinational organizations with their service accounts constantly ensuring that our clientele enjoy our expertise and the first-rate support through all mutual business associations.

Our Unique Logistical Strength

As the Indian economy grew the growth of the Indian warehousing and logistics industry has also been tremendous, As a result, more companies have started to outsource their warehousing and logistical operations. As an experienced player in delivering top-notch logistical services, Life Care Logistic Pvt. Ltd. has stepped into the foray of delivering all-inclusive logistics support solutions such as surface transportation services, warehousing and distribution services and other allied logistics activities equipped with the advantages of latest technologies and e-capabilities.

When most logistical companies have shied away from embracing technology, we have always embraced technological advances fully to bring the unmatched opportunities and add incredible service value for our clients with each service delivered. We take advantage of robust and powerful in-house ERP-based software systems seamed with an efficient consignment tracking system while delivering top-notch logistical services and support to make them all the more current, insightful and client-centric. This whole value adding approach is made possible by the wholehearted approach of a team well-equipped in the knowhow of various logistic services through yours of experience to deliver quantifiable results for the clients.

Fortified with the right logistical and modern warehouse infrastructure, incredibly organized fleet of vehicles ready to be deployed and exceptional technological expertise to seamlessly manage all the operations and activities to drive maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction, Life Care Logistic Pvt. Ltd makes its presence felt through the breadth and length of the country and the expanding industry.

Owing to the incredible support meted out for the clients, high-value services and uncompromisingly top-notch service quality, we have registered exponential growth over the course of our illustrious run. Witnessing exceptional growth in logistical and warehousing space of about 2.5 million sq. ft, we have a land bank of about 1.5 million Sq. Ft. which makes us one of the biggest warehousing services providers in the country.

“Qualifying Through Quality”

We constantly strive to live up to our policy statement—“Qualifying Through Quality”— by providing exceptional value added services tailor-cut to meet all the client requirements with innate understandings of their budget constraints.